[EPUB] Facebook and Philosophy: What’s on Your Mind? (Popular Culture and Philosophy 50) PDF

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Facebook and Philosophy is an entertaining, multi-faceted exploration of what Facebook means for us and for our relationships. With discussions ranging from the nature of friendship and its relationship to “friending,” to the (debatable) efficacy of “online activism,” this book is the most extensive and systematic attempt to understand Facebook yet. And with plenty of new perspectives on Twitter and Web 2.0 along the way, this fun, thought-provoking book is a serious and significant contribution for anyone working with social media, whether in academia, journalism, public relations, activism, or business. Exploring far-reaching questions — Can our interactions on Facebook help us care about each other more? Does Facebook signal the death of privacy, or (perhaps worse yet) the death of our desire for privacy? — Facebook and Philosophy is vital reading for anyone involved in social networks today.

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[EBOOK] Genetic Programming: 4th European Conference, EuroGP 2001 Lake Como, Italy, April 18-20, 2001 Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) PDF

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In this volume are the proceedings of the fourth European conference on – netic Programming (EuroGP 2001) which took place at Lake Como in Italy on April, 18{20 2001. EuroGP has become r mly established as the premier – ropean event devoted to Genetic Programming. EuroGP began life in 1998 as an international workshop and was held in Paris (14{15 April, LNCS 1391). – ter that it was held in Got .. eborg, Sweden (26{27 May 1999, LNCS 1598). Its r st appearance as a conference was last year in Edinburgh in Scotland (15{ 16 April, LNCS 1802). Each year EuroGP has been co-located with a series of specialist workshops (LNCS 1468, 1596, 1803). This year was no exception and EvoWorkshops 2001 were also held at Lake Como (18-19 April, LNCS 2037). Genetic Programming (GP) refers to a branch of Evolutionary Compu- tion in which computer programs are automatically generated over a period of time using a process that mimics Darwinian evolution. The 30 papers in these proceedings more than amply demonstrate the wide and varied applicability of GP. There are papers that apply GP to robotics, artic ial retina, character recognition, nancialprediction, digitall terandelectronic circuitdesign,image processing, data fusion, and biosequencing. In addition there are many papers that address foundational and theoretical issues. Arigorousdouble-blindrefereeing systemwasappliedtothe42submitted- pers. This resulted in 17 plenary talks(40% of those submitted) and 13 research posters. …

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[EPUB] Starter Kit for the IBM iSeries and AS/400 PDF

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Without a doubt, the strong suit of IBM’s iSeries and AS/400 systems is their sophisticated operating system, OS/400. But along with OS/400’s unmatched level of functionality and integration comes a complexity you must learn to manage. Starter Kit for the IBM iSeries and AS/400 provides essential information to help you understand the basic concepts and nuances of iSeries and AS/400 systems — information that will make your job easier and will increase your comfort level working on these systems. The book is arranged in logical order from basic system setup information through some of the more important areas you need to understand to operate, program, and manage your system. Comprehensive sections provide essential information about the following topics:
– system setup — including planning for installation, setting up a basic work environment, creating user profiles, establishing default public authorities, and managing PTFs
– operations — including message handling, working with printer files and output queues, disk management, and job scheduling
– system management — including backup and recovery and work management
– file basics — including file structure, file overrides, logical files, and file sharing
– basic CL programming — including coding CL with style, using APIs with CL, using CL programs with display files and database files, communicating between CL programs, and using commands

Two additional chapters focus on TCP/IP and Operations Navigator to get you up to speed on these two important aspects of working with iSeries and AS/00 systems today. Whether you’re a programmer, a system administrator, or an operator, the information presented in Starter Kit for the IBM iSeries and AS/400 will help you develop a basic working knowledge of some of the key concepts and functions you’ll encounter on these systems. With this foundation, you’ll be solidly prepared to explore each subject in depth and apply what you’ve learned to make your iSeries or AS/400 environment more secure, productive, and manageable.
CD Features

The CD accompanying this book contains all the utilities and sample code presented in the book, including
-a plug-and-play output queue monitor
-commands to copy user profiles and create standard user profiles
-a command to duplicate job schedule entries
-commands to retrieve a device’s IP address and display a list of up to 25 IP addresses
-a command to print the object authorities for selected objects in one or more libraries
-a command interface to API QEZSndMg that lets you send break messages to users


[FULL] CODE Magazine – 2015 Jul/Aug PDF

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Summer is here! Check out what’s hot in the world of devices, including our feature article on developing for the Apple Watch!

Table of Contents:

*) Editorial

*) Manager’s Corner: Flat Code

*) Extending Office 365: The Developer’s Architectural Guide

*) Legal Notes: Employment Agreements

*) Display a Progress Message on an MVC Page

*) Z-Wave Powered Build Status Lights

*) Beyond the Phone: Developing for Apple Watch

*) Implementing a Flickr Search iOS Application Using Swift

*) The Baker’s Dozen: 13 Miscellaneous Transact-SQL Tips

*) Xamarin Pages: The Screens of an App

*) Managed Coder: On Systems Thinking

For more information, visit www.codemag.com/magazine …


[FULL] SAS/STAT 12.1 User’s Guide: Survey Data Analysis (Book Excerpt) PDF

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Contains procedure documentation and introductory information about SAS/STAT procedures that relate to survey data analysis. This book is an excerpt from the SAS/STAT User’s Guide; it contains the chapters “Introduction to Survey Sampling and Analysis Procedures,” “The SURVEYFREQ Procedure,” “The SURVEYLOGISTIC Procedure,” “The SURVEYMEANS Procedure,” “The SURVEYREG Procedure,” and “The SURVEYSELECT Procedure,” and an excerpt from the chapter “Shared Concepts and Topics.” This title is also available online. …

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[RAR] Guide to Human Genome Computing, Second Edition PDF

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The Guide to Human Genome Computing is invaluable to scientists who wish to make use of the powerful computing tools now available to assist them in the field of human genome analysis. This book clearly explains access and use of sequence databases, and presents the various computer packages used to analyze DNA sequences, measure linkage analysis, compare and align DNA sequences from different genes or organisms, and infer structural and functional information about proteins from sequence data.
This Second Edition contains completely updated material. Rather than a revision of the previous volume, the Second Edition is essentially a new book, based on the subjects which will be of interest over the coming years. This new book is international, both in scope and authorship.

Computing resources for the following are clearly explained:
* Internet resources – databases etc.
* Genetic analysis
* Sib-pair studies
* Comparative mapping
* Radiation hybrids
* Sequence ready clone maps
* Human genome sequencing
* ESTs
* Gene prediction
* Gene expression …

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[ZIP] Sexcort – 2. Paris (HQN) (French Edition) PDF

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Pour intégrer la prestigieuse agence d’escort girls de luxe Zurich International Sexcort, Katia doit réussir dix missions. Dix missions. Dix villes. Dix clients. Parviendra-t-elle à satisfaire chacun de ses clients ?

Mission 1 : Paris

Se plier aux désirs d’un célèbre footballeur ? Avec plaisir ! Mais lorsque ce dernier lui demande de l’accompagner au restaurant vêtue seulement d’une combinaison intégrale très, très transparente, Katia prend conscience que les goûts du beau sportif sont plus complexes qu’elle ne le pensait…

A propos de l’auteur

Dans la vie mouvementée de Gilles Milo-Vacéri, ponctuée d’aventures, de voyages et de rencontres singulières, l’écriture fait figure de fil rouge. C’est dans les mots que Gilles trouve son équilibre, et ce depuis toujours : ayant commencé à écrire très tôt, il a exploré tous les genres – des poèmes aux romans, en passant par le fantastique et l’érotisme – et il ne se plaît jamais tant que lorsqu’il peut partager sa passion pour l’écriture avec le plus grand nombre.


[ZIP] Optimizing IEEE 802.11i Resource and Security Essentials: For Mobile and Stationary Devices PDF


In the past decade, the number of wireless devices has grown exponentially. Decades ago, all systems were wired computer systems. Wireless technology was not accessible in mobile and portable devices until in recent years, and has followed a variety of methods for encryption and resource management. The purpose of the research in Optimizing IEE 802.11i Resources and Security Essentials is to determine the issues of the performance in current encryption methods in AES-CCMP in different types of devices and handle it so that an optimized resource usage would be achieved with the required security. Two modes for 802.11i for two different groups of devices is suggested and evaluated with the current encryption method for AES-CCMP to compare the performance.

Almost every organization in today’s world relies on wireless networks to transmit information, and much of that information should be kept secure. Banking, healthcare, and the military are all vital industries that rely on wireless security for a huge section of their operations. Security experts of today and tomorrow will learn a lot from Optimizing IEE 802.11i Resources and Security Essentials, and it can be used for master level in computer science, information security, wireless network security and cryptography.

The research in this book covers how to best balance security concerns with limited resources available on wireless devices as well as how to optimize security resources on higher-end non-mobile devices. …

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[RAR] El Gran Libro de AutoCAD 2008 (Spanish Edition) PDF

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Introducción: AutoCAD 2008 es una potente y completísima aplicación destinada al diseño y dibujo asistido por computadora. Utilizado por profesionales de diferentes sectores (diseñadores, dibujantes, arquitectos, ingenieros), y estudiado cada vez más en centros de enseñanza, el programa incluye multitud de funciones y herramientas con las que es posible crear todo tipo de composiciones, desde planos arquitectónicos complejos hasta diseños de interiores. Objetivo: Dotar al estudiante del conocimiento para el uso de herramientas mediante las cuales podrá crear espectaculares diseños. Características: Entre otras novedades que se tratarán en el libro destacan la enseñanza de la nueva interfaz de usuario para el modelado 3D, que permite un trabajo más intuitivo centrado exclusivamente en el dibujo en tres dimensiones, así como nuevas herramientas para la creación de sólidos 3D, gracias a las cuales el usuario podrá crear espectaculares diseños de una forma fácil y directa, así como aplicar las funciones Paseo y Vuelo, que permiten efectuar desplazamientos en un plano inferior y superior de los dibujos creados en 3D. Con el fin de facilitar la detección de las nuevas utilidades y mejoras de AutoCad 2008. Aunque sea redundante en este tema el libro es totalmente grafico e interactivo. Posibilita al lector medir el grado de su aprendizaje. Un libro de texto en cursos de dibujo por computadora. Incluye una gran cantidad de ejercicios y prácticas detalladas paso a paso. El CD contiene una enorme variedad de imágenes adicionales y todos los archivos necesarios para el trabajo con el libro La posibilidad de obtener un diploma reconocido por la asociación especializada de cursos de enseñanza de informática. Como apoyo al docente incluye una guía para el profesor. Cuando el lector haya realizado todas las lecciones que componen este completo volumen, habrá podido comprobar la eficacia y versatilidad del programa, razones que lo mantienen, año tras año, como el programa líder de diseño técnico asistido por ordenador. Contenido: Conceptos básicos, Trabajar con coordenadas, Herramientas de dibujo, Texto, Trabajar con objetos, con bloques, Patrones de sombreado, Acotar, Presentaciones, Dibujar en 3D, Manipular objetos 3D, Regiones y mallas 3D, Dibujo de sólidos, El gran libro de AutoCAD 2008, Modificar y editar sólidos, Modelado en 3D, Compartir proyectos, Opciones avanzadas. …